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Morning snuggle pals #caturday

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New additions! Check one out. #books #library (at Northshore Community College)

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New Hope, summer 2012

okay so i did this at my morning job and i was so excited about it, especially when i glimpsed people actually taking a poem, and then i came in to work on tuesday and was informed that someone took ALL OF THE POEMS. just took the envelope right off the door and left the library with it and that is my place of employment in a nutshell.


Fun April Fool’s prank:

Frame your best friend for your multiple murders.


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It’s just that if you’re not a librarian or don’t work in a library, I feel bad for you because libraries and librarians (and support staff!) are just the best. We’re so witty and smart and enthusiastic. Our empathy and energy and dedication change the world for the better.

No matter the challenges and setbacks I have faced and will probably face in the future, I feel so lucky to belong to this profession.

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I’ve been to the JFK museum/library at least 3 times so it feels good that I finally made it to the #LBJ museum to continuing exploring a period in US #history that far too commonly gets glossed over in high school. LBJ did a lot of great work that unfortunately many of our contemporary politicians are dismantling in an effort to bring us back to the 1950s. And it seems that too many people still haven’t learned from his mistakes either all these years later. It’s so important to study and be engaged in the history of our country. Learning about the past will help lead us to a better future for all. Anyways, this is a fantastic #museum. Highly recommend for anyone traveling through #Austin #texas #latergram #deepthoughts

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Deep enough in the heart of Texas for ya?? #beer #lonestar #austin

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For us.
For Narnia.

I lied it’s not really for Narnia.

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Title: Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Artist: Fleet Foxes
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